Weber Summit E-670 Gas Grill Black (Updated)

Weber Summit E-670 Gas Grill Black

Check Out The Weber Summit E-670 Gas Grill Black 

The Weber Summit E-670 Gas Grill Black is one awesome unit ready to cook the most scrumptious feast you can think of.

The Weber Summit E-670 grill has 6 burners that each have individual controls located at the front of the barbecue and will ignite easily with the Snap Jet burner ignition system.

This system allows you to light each burner individually and gives you greater heat and temperature control.

The Summit E-670 grill also includes a side-burner, ideal for a pan or WOK, a sear station burner (an extra burner in the middle of the grill that heats things up extra quickly), smoker burner for additional flavour and a rear mounted infrared rotisserie burner.

The grill has stainless steel cooking grates, and with a very impressive 769 square inches of cooking space no one will go hungry.

The grill uses Weber’s famous Flavorizer bars that catch the juices from your meat to smoke and sizzle adding extra flavour to your meal.

One great feature is the two Grill Lights that are positioned on the handle of the hood. They light the cooking area and are activated as you lift the lid. Makes for easy night-time cooking.

The LED fuel gauge is a nifty idea and will show you exactly where you are at with your gas levels.  All with the touch of your finger. So no more running out of gas right in the middle of cooking.

On the outside the Weber Summit E-670 Gas Grill is a stylish looking, sturdy and strong piece of cooking equipment.

Measuring 30 inches long by 74 inches wide by 57 inches high, it is a much larger barbecue and would suit someone who definitely loves to cater for a large number of dinner guests.

The hood and double doors on the underneath storage compartment come in black, while the two side work stations are in stainless steel, one containing a side burner.


  • 60800 BTU – Plenty of heat here.
  • Large cooking area – 769sq inches, 624Sq in primary cooking, 145Sq in warming.
  • Stainless steel Flavorizer bars and cooking grates.
  • Side / Wok burner.
  • Front-mount controls with individual burner ignition.
  • Auto LED cooking lights on hood handle.
  • Gas fuel gauge.
  • Sear station.
  • Rear infrared rotisserie grill.
  • Built-in thermometer.



  • Prongs on rotisserie fork too wide if cooking a small loin for instance.
  • Castors seem a bit flimsy.
  • Smoker box could be a bit larger.

Overall, this barbecue is of the high standard that you would expect from Weber and has a huge number of extra features to make you want to ditch the inside kitchen and cook outside.

This is a large grill designed to cater for a large family or having friends over and allows multiple cooking and grilling options.

The Summit E-670 Gas Grill is definitely a game changer for the avid barbecue fan. You can get the latest price and details on Amazon through the button below, or scroll back up to have a look through the BBQ Guys website.


People that have this grill also say:

This Weber Summit does not disappoint. This is my second Summit and I have loved cooking with a natural gas line grill. This one specifically has six man burners and one side burner. The temperature control is unbelievable. Great purchase.


This BBQ was worth the purchase. I looked at a number of BBQs, but I could not find a BBQ with build quality and materials. Weber didn’t skimp on using durable materials and well thought out design. Very pleased with the BBQ and the delivery service was nice too.


Should have owned a weber long before now! After years of replacing grills every two years I finally got a grill that will last a life time. I have only had this grill a few days but have put it to the test! It’s cooked every meal for me since I got it, from fast searing steaks- to low and slow bacon bombs. This grill cooks everything to perfection. It maintains a perfect temp.

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