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Herbie the BBQ KingHi there, my name’s Greg but you can call me Herbie.

Like most outdoor loving people, enjoying the humble barbecue and all things that go with it is just part of our way of life. You know, a couple of beers, pizza night, a nice steak and some gourmet snags, roast chicken and lamb, mmm, just about everything.

Me and the wife (sorry about the poor English but sometimes it’s the only way to say things) love Summer and outdoor cooking. We’ve had many different types, sizes and shapes of BBQ’s over the years and just love to cook on our back deck, hearing the sizzle and enjoying the food aromas associated with grilling on the Weber or the Ziggy.

An ole mate recently knocked up a small fire pit / grill out of a Beer keg and it works a treat. We quite often sit on the bottom step with a bevvie (beer and wine), some cheese and bickies and just watch the flames. It really is mesmerising.

Anyway, I built this site through a passion for all things BBQ related to give newbies and not so newbies a bit of information when looking for a barbecue to help make the right choice.

Shameless plug now.

Obviously, it costs money to write the information and host the site so yes, you will find links to suppliers and other parties that if you click, I may make a small commission (You Don’t Pay Any Extra though).

This helps me keep the site up and running and I would love it if you do click my link recommendations, a man’s got eat you know, but no problems if you don’t. Just enjoy the information anyway.

Thanks a heap and see you soon. You can check out some of our popular posts and pages below if you like.

Cheers Herbie.

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