Weber Spirit E310 Liquid Propane Gas Grill

The Weber Spirit E310 Liquid Propane Gas Grill Webber-Spirit-E310-Gas-Grill

Weber Spirit E310 Liquid Propane Gas Grill is one of the best gas grills manufactured by Webber. They have designed it as a high-end storable appliance by carving out the space in the hardware of this grill.

The Webber Spirit E310 is one of the best grills in the line of spirit grills produced by Weber. They have made it larger and more versatile then the previous versions without including a side burner or any stainless steel body part unnecessary to the basic grills of Spirit series.

The cooking space provided in this unit with three burners would be suitable for most families. It has been provided with cast iron cooking grates coated with porcelain along with some extra basic features of Webber like the gauge on the tank to observe the gas level to avoid running out of gas.

The Spirit E310 utilizes Webber’s flavourizer bars to enhance the smokey flavour of your food, and has their innovative ignition system that can light all 3 burners with just one touch of the button.

Cooking area is 424 sq inches with an additional 105 so inches of warming rack. It measures 63 x 52 x 32 inches and weighs around 130 pounds.

Collapsible stainless steel side tables help when storing the grill away while you are not using it, ready to fold right back up again to provide ample workbench space.

Overall this is a typical Webber BBQ grill with plenty of thought into the design process with enough of the famous Weber features to make it worth the money. Yes it isn’t the cheapest gas grill of its size but when you own one you realize that you do get what you pay for.

Pros & Cons

  • Well structured: The structure if this barbeque grill is favourable and solid as compared to other barbeque grills in this price range available in the market.
  • Easy to assemble: The clear instructions provided by Weber makes it easy to assemble this gas grill by using deep dish socket and a Phillips head screw driver.
  • Collapsible side tables: You can easily fit this gas grill in a narrow space just by collapsing its side tables. It looks sturdy even after collapsing its side tables.
  • Best ignition system: The battery powered ignition system of this barbeque grill makes it easy to use reliably just by the push of a button.
  • Fast and quick heating: It can heat up to 500 degrees just within five minutes
  • Easily readable gauge: The fuel gauge of this barbeque can help in avoiding the harassment due to run off of the gas.
  • Side burner missing: Weber has not included a side burner in this gas grill. It will upset some of its users as it is rarely used.

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