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Hamilton Beach Gas Grill

Hamilton-Beach-Gas-Grill-BBQIf you just can’t wait to fire up your new Hamilton Beach Gas Grill BBQ you don’t have to because it really is super quick to set this grill up and start cooking your favourite barbecue.

Setting up a new grill can literally take from 2 hours to over half a day, but thankfully Hamilton Beach has come up with a state-of-the-art quick assembly grill that can be set up within 10 min.

This is made possible by simply having 2 people to lift up the bbq until the support frame locks into place, and then 1 person can finish the final installation of the doors, side benches and grill plates in a matter of minutes.

Basically you just need a screwdriver to attach the side shelves and you will be ready to. It is good to know that a BBQ manufacturer has finally worked out that the customer doesn’t want to spend most of the day with dodgy instructions setting up their BBQ grill.

Now the Hamilton Beach Gas Grill is simply awesome! There are 4 burners which have heat diffusers on top to help radiate the heat onto the porcelain coated cast iron grates.

You can turn on the burners individually and control the heat or just use part of the grill if you are only looking to cook a few pieces of chicken or 2 – 3 steaks. The grill takes less than 5 seconds to light as all knobs have built-in igniters.


The lid, handle and side shelves are made from quality stainless steel. this gives it a rather stylish look and feel and should last a long time, and there is a large temperature gauge built into the lid for easy viewing.

The cabinet sits on top of 4 castors, 2 have locks on them so that you can move this bbq around to different areas to keep it out of the wind or for easy storage.

the Hamilton Beach 4 Burner Gas Grill weighs in at 108 pounds and the dimensions are 46 inches high X , 54 inches long X 23.23 inches wide, and has a cooking surface area of 641 square inches.

The addition of a side burner is another great feature which allows you to use a saucepan or wok for any extra cooking.

Price: $496

Don’t want to spend this much on a 4 Burner BBQ, then check out this one for under $270.

  • Super fast setup and installation – Be grilling in under 30 minutes.
  • 4 castors for easy mobility and storage.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Quick heat up time.
  • Requires 2 people for the initial setup stage.
  • Packaging could be better for transport to avoid damage.

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