Top Electric BBQ Grills

Why You May Want One Of The Top Electric BBQ Grills

So why would you buy an electric barbeque grill and are they any good? Well I’m glad you asked. Many people live in small apartments and Condos and for one reason or another are either unable or not allowed to have a larger gas or charcoal BBQ, thats’s where one of the top electric bbq grills would come in handy.

This is where the outdoor electric grills come into their own. Priced from around $100 and up you will find an electric barbecue that will suit your space and your budget.

The best thing about these top electric bbq grills is that you just need a power outlet, turn them on and you will be cooking in no time. They are fairly portable as well which means you can move them around to wherever you have a power point outside.

When it comes to buying your new electric BBQ grill Amazon is the first place you should look, for a few reasons which include:

Price – With so many items for sale at any one time, they are able to offer prices which are generally cheaper than their competitors. They do their research to ensure that you get the best price.
Free Shipping – Most of the time they ship to your door for free, and fast. No one likes to wait too long for online purchases and Amazon are the kings of super quick fulfillment.
Reviews – Go ahead and check out the reviews there, sometimes they will total hundreds and even into the thousands. This is just like having your friends and family with you when you want to buy your gas BBQ grill. They are a very passionate bunch of people and will soon let you know what they don’t like about a grill and what they love.
Returns – If for whatever reason you are not happy with your grill, you can print out the UPS label and it will be picked up from your house and returned to Amazon. Too easy.

Masterbuilt Electric Veranda Grill

Masterbuilt Electric Veranda GrillIf you are looking for one of the smallest footprints in an electric BBQ  grill, then the Masterbuilt Electric Veranda Grill is the BBQ for you. Looking somewhat space age, this barbeque has 196 square inches of cooking surface which isn’t huge but enough when you are short on space.

The 1650 watt element has 4 settings – high, medium, low and warm perfect for cooking just about anything you can think of.

It is nice and light, only weighs in at 21 pounds, has a removable reflector plate for easy cleaning and even heat distribution and it includes a grilling pan and a cover so no need to pay extra for these.

Assembly is around 30 minutes with a phillips head screwdriver and is nice and solid with easy temperature control. The Masterbuilt Electric Veranda Grill heats up to 500 – 600 degrees within minutes perfect for cooking your steaks on.

Check Price Here.

Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Patio Bistro Electric Grill

Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Patio Bistro Electric GrillThe Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Patio Bistro Electric Grill is a great contender for those that are short on space or not allowed to use a gas barbeque grill in a unit or condo for instance.

Char broil use their TRU-Infrared cooking system in this electric BBQ that helps to reduce flare ups and cook your food more evenly. Power consumption is 1750 watts, more than enough heat for anything you can throw at it.

The porcelain coated cooking grills are easy to clean and maintain and has a primary cooking surface area of 240 square inches and a second raised cooking surface of 80 square inches.

The Char Broil Bistro Electric Grill does require some assembly to be ready for use but you should be able to have it up and ready for cooking in just over an hour using basic tools.

So if you’re after a sturdy, electric barbecue grill with hood then have a look at this one it may just be what you are looking for.

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Weber Q 1400 Electric Grill

Weber Q 2400 Electric Grill The Weber Q 2400 Electric Grill is another one of Weber’s classic small grills powered by electricity. It has ample 1560 watt element which heats up the cooking surface area of 280 square inches with ease.

A huge plus is that the grill comes fully assembled so you just unpack and basically you are ready to start cooking your meal.

The lid and body of the Weber Q 2400 are made out of lightweight cast aluminium while the cooking grates are porcelain enamelled cast iron for easy cleaning and non stick properties. Owners of this electric grill say that the lid seals perfectly to the body of the grill making it cook as good as a convection oven.

The Weber Q 2400 Electric Grill is another well made Weber product and is sure to last for many years. It is easy to see why this BBQ is so highly rated.

Check Current Price Here

In Summary

So I think you will agree that times have changed as far as BBQ grills go, the technology used in today’s electric barbecue grills has produced a range of BBQ’s that are getting much closer in cooking results as the big boys.

These electric outdoor grills are perfect for small patio areas and ideal for when the kids move out and don’t need to cook for an army.


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