How to Cook Pizza on a Weber Gas Grill

How to Cook Pizza on a Weber Gas Grill

How good is home made pizza on the Weber gas grill, especially when you make your own pizza dough. It’s not that hard to knock up by hand but even easier with a machine.

The best home-made pizzas come from a wood-fired pizza oven or even one of the many purpose-built gas-fired pizza ovens, but they are not essential.

There are many different types of pizza ovens to choose from but if budget or space is an issue, why not use your Weber gas grill, or Ziegler and Brown, or any gas BBQ grill with a hood instead.

You just need to get the temperature up (safely of course) without starting a fire.

So follow along to see how to cook pizza on a Weber gas grill, its easy peasy!

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cook a pizza on a weber gas grill

What Do You Need to Cook Home Made Pizza on the Gas Grill?

There are a couple of basic ingredients for making pizza or bread dough and they include flour, water, yeast, pinch of salt and a bit of olive oil. Well that is what goes into ours anyway.

As far as hardware items, a good pizza stone, a pizza peel, a mix master with the dough hook attachment and somewhere to cook it, aka, your existing BBQ grill.

Oh, ideally your grill has a hood because you will need to keep the heat in, but you knew that hey!

We use a Thermomix as they pretty much do everything so we may as well use it.

My wife got herself a Thermomix last year and this is one of her specialties that she does, along with many other tasty dishes.

The Thermo makes the best pizza dough, mixing the ingredients together in around 5 minutes or so and then we let it rest

homemade pizza dough

The Pizza Dough

I like to use 00 flour as it is much finer and has a lower gluten content (gluten is what gives bread the elasticity when you bite into it) therefore good for crispy pizza bases.

00 flour
Olive Oil
Pinch Salt

As far as recipes for pizza dough goes, just do a quick Google and you will find thousands of them, most are similar and give the same result.

Once the Thermomix has kneaded the dough together, we place into 2 separate oiled bowls and sit it under the range hood lights on the stove to prove for an hour.

After an hour I take it out of the bowls and knock it down and place back in the bowls under the lights for around another hour.

While I’m waiting for that to finish, I will start preparing the pizza sauce and toppings, and get the BBQ fired up.


The Pizza Sauce


Make the Pizza

Ok, so now the dough has finished resting, grab some flour and sprinkle on the bench and place your dough on top.

You can use a rolling pin if you like but I enjoy just stretching the pizza dough out with my hands.

Just start pushing the dough outwards from the centre, turning the dough around as you go to form a circle shape, or whatever shape tickles your fancy.

Place the dough onto a flat tray, you can sprinkle some flour or semolina onto it, so the dough doesn’t stick or just cut some baking paper and place it on that.

Now get a couple of tablespoons of your pizza sauce and using the back of the spoon spread the sauce around covering the pizza dough.

The Pizza Topping


pizza toppings

No hard and fast rules here except a must have is Mozzarella cheese of some type. Bocconcini or Buffalo Mozzarella, that’s the stringy stuff.

We like ham and pineapple (how generic and boring), chorizo, pepperoni, tomato, sundried tomato, sweet potato, olives, mushrooms, feta cheese, rocket, basil, the list goes on.

Pretty much whatever is in the fridge at the time, oh and we chuck the rocket and basil on top after the pizza comes out of the grill, otherwise it burns to nothing.

Next is to start placing your toppings on. (Tip – Less is more), don’t over do the toppings as it will overpower the finished pizza.

Just a handful of olives, same with the pepperoni, same with the mushrooms, you get the idea.

Finally get your bocconcini or mozzarella and place on top, not too much but that’s just my liking.

Before you know it you have a work of art ready to meet the pizza stone.

cooking a pizza in a gas bbq

Cooking the Pizza in a BBQ Grill

Check the temperature of the grill, ideally if your grill can go to 450°F-500°F (230°C-260°C) that is ideal, you will know if it is too hot for your grill because you will smell any plastic parts starting to melt. No seriously!

If you have some baking paper on the tray under the pizza, just bring the tray to about 1/3 onto the pizza stone and slide the paper and pizza onto the stone.

Close the lid and leave for around 3 minutes, check the pizza, and spin it 180° to make sure it cooks evenly. You may to spin it around a bit 1 more time but at those temps I find 6-8 minutes is ideal.

I will have a sneak peak by lifting the base of the pizza off the stone to check that it is starting to char slightly. This is pretty much perfect crispy based pizza.

There is only one more thing to do now, get it off the grill, slice it and get in your belly.


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