How To Cook Butterflied Lamb In A Weber

Cooking A Butterflied Lamb In The Weber



Picked up this butterflied lamb leg which was already marinated in olive oil and rosemary. I chopped up a chilli and sprinkled over the top of the meat before placing into my Weber Kettle BBQ.


Light The Charcoal

First you need to light the charcoal and my Weber Kettle has 2 indentations where you can put some fire lighters in, I place about 3 each side, light them up and then move the 2 charcoal baskets into the center of the grate over the flame. Wait for around 35 – 40 minutes and you are good to go.




I am using indirect heat and some wood chips for extra smoke flavour to cook this lamb. Why you might ask? Well, using indirect heat I am able to cook at a lower temperature and place a tray of water in between the charcoal baskets to keep the moisture content high inside the kettle.




Now using a pair of long handled tongs move the charcoal baskets to each side of the lower grate and place a heat proof tray on the rack and fill with water. Replace the cooking grate and you are good to go.




Add Some Wood Chips

My cooking grate has 2 fold up sections on the side for access to the charcoal baskets. This is where I will add some wood chips for additional smokey flavour. I have added a handful of Hickory Woods, blended with Cabernet soaked Oak wood chips into about half a cup of Port. Soaking helps to get the chips smoking good.




Place Lamb In Weber

Get the lamb and place it in either a disposable foil tray or just line a small baking tray with foil paper. Splash a little bit of olive oil over the lamb, add some salt and pepper for extra seasoning and place the tray on the rack. I also cut the top off a Butternut Pumpkin, drizzled it with olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper and place it onto the cooking rack away from the coals.




Put the lid onto the Weber and turn the air vent to about half open and in around 40 minutes it should be done. I use a meat thermometer and place it into the meat to check the temp, with the lamb I like to be around 167 – 170 deg F or 75 – 77 deg C.




Take it all out of the Weber and place some Aluminium foil over the lamb and let it rest for around 5 – 10 minutes and hook in. This was so juicy and tender with a beautiful smokey taste (which the wife and daughter weren’t too fussed about, but hey, just experiment it was scrumptious.

Cheers and happy BBQing.

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