Camp Chef Italia Outdoor Pizza Oven

Does the thought of home cooked pizza activate your salivary glands? How about considering the Camp Chef Italia Outdoor Pizza Oven, a great portable pizza oven for home use so you can create a little taste of Italy in your backyard. With this Pizza Oven, you will be cooking up a storm in no time, introducing:

Camp Chef Italia Outdoor Pizza Oven

Camp Chef Italia portable propane Outdoor Pizza Oven is the perfect partner for your outdoor cooking and Alfresco area.

The portable oven is made with a double-wall, which enhances heat retention. This ensures that once it heats up, which takes a maximum of 15 minutes, the internal temperature will stay even for the duration of your cooking. The ventilation also adds to the heating performance offered by the oven.

It boasts a cooking temperature of 700° Fahrenheit, which comes from a single 17000 BTU burner in conjunction with heat plates. This helps your pizza to cook faster than you anticipate for a home-cooked pizza.

Within 3 minutes, you already have one fully cooked pizza. You just have to turn it once, and boom! Your pizza is ready.

The ceramic pizza stone and the top of the oven provides great heat retention and transfer making for an evenly cooked pizza, in the shortest possible time. The crust is just amazingly crunchy.

Although pizza cooking is what the Camp Chef Italia oven was designed for, the oven also acts as a grill for meat, bakes bread, and cook’s desserts. This is a clear indication that you can just have it on your camping trip and not require too many extra cooking appliances.

The temperature gauge provided in the oven makes it easy to monitor and regulate the heat as you cook. This is a great feature as it stops you from opening the door too often, keeping all that heat inside where it belongs.

The pizza oven makes pizza sizes up to 12 inches in diameter, given the 13 by 20 inches cordierite pizza stone base, which is a ceramic material designed for rapid heat retention and will give you the most amazing crunchy pizza base.

The stainless steel construction is strong and durable along with being easy to clean. This is good to know as cooking pizzas along with roasts and other things can get a bit messy.

Included in the package is a lightweight, one-pound propane bottle, which is disposable. Alternatively, you can run it using the provided regulator and hose, which you will connect to your propane tank. The hose is large enough, approximately 5 feet in length.

Let us dive into the summary of the key specifications of the pizza oven;

Key Features

Function: Cooks Pizza, bread, vegetables and desserts
Material: Stainless steel, double walled (outer material, door, inner material)
Size: 26 x 15 x 16 inches
Weight: 47lbs
Fuel Type: propane
Configuration: portable
Maximum Temperature: 700 degrees Fahrenheit
Total BTU: 17000
Burner Quantity: 1
Cooking Grate Material: ceramic

Pros & Cons

  • Versatile cooking, other than pizza, the oven cooks desserts, steak, lamb, fish, vegetables and bread.
  • Traditional brick pizza oven flavor
  • Great temperature capability, which is 700 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Portable, only 49 pounds.
  • Sturdy and quality build, hence long-lasting.
  • Heats up quickly, 15 minutes or less.
  • Converting fuel to natural gas is not an option. You have to stick to only propane as the fuel source.
  • Only cooks 1 pizza at a time

Bottom Line

Camp Chef Italia Outdoor Pizza Oven

Camp Chef Italia Artisan Propane Outdoor Oven is an excellent option for home-made pizzas. Use the pizza oven at home, in your backyard, or when outdoors to make a memorable family meal.

Ideal for portable cooking including camping, picnics, tailgate cooking anywhere outdoors really, much like the Ooni Frya here.

With quick heat up of only 15 minutes, you will be banging out your first crispy base pizzas in less than 20 – 25 minutes. This oven will impress family and friends.

Go check it out now at BBQGuys.

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