Coleman Roadtrip 285-Portable-GrillSo what makes the Coleman Road Trip 285 Portable Gas Stand Up Grill such a popular small BBQ? Well for a portable BBQ it has 285 square inches of cooking surface on porcelain coated, easy to clean cast iron grates. You can also purchase extra interchangeable cook tops to maximise your cooking experience.

The Coleman Road Trip 285 portable gas BBQ comes with quick fold out legs that has 2 wheels for easy manoeuvrability and folds up for easy transport. You can also store it upright if you have limited storage space.

Other well known brand portable barbecues make you pay extra for the stand, it’s a bit like selling a car without wheels, crazy hey.

The portable grill also comes with two slide out benches to give you an area to store your condiments etc so they are handy to get to and when you’re finished they simple slide back under the grill out of the way.

The tailgate grill comes with push button instant start ignition so there’s no need to fumble around for the matches, especially on a windy day.

With 3 indepently adjustable burners, controlling the heat is easy peasy to give your the perfect temperature every time.

The grill uses a 1 pound propane cylinder will give you around an hour of grilling time with the 3 burners on high. Temperture output is between 3250 and 20000 BTU’s (British Thermal Units)

 The Coleman Road Trip 285 Gas Grill is the perfect companion for that weekend away with the family, so easy to transport and setup, you will be grilling in no time. For the price you just can’t beat the extra features that you would have to pay upward of $300 for in the completion.

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